Introducing Fire Laps Live

Power your whole track day using Fire Laps live streaming, analytics, and AI-based coaching

In the realm of motorsports, where every millisecond counts, the quest for optimal performance never ceases. As technology continues to push boundaries, motorsports enthusiasts like you are constantly seeking innovative solutions to gain a competitive edge on the track.

Enter Fire Laps Live – the latest evolution in motorsports data acquisition and timing systems, bringing advanced analytics and AI-driven coaching to your fingertips and poised to transform the landscape of motorsports.

Fire Link: The Hardware Solution for Real-Time Insights

At the heart of Fire Laps Live lies Fire Link – a high precision 10Hz GPS designed to revolutionize the way drivers interact with data on and off the track. Powered by either battery or a hardwired connection into you car, Fire Link captures and transmits telemetry data in real time over any available cellular network to a nearby Fire Laps Live server.

Fire Laps Live system
The Fire Laps Live system connects the Fire Link in your vehicle with the Fire Laps data and analysis system via a cellular network to enable our powerful real-time analysis and coaching tools during and immediately after the race.

Empowering Drivers with Real-Time Analytics

With Fire Laps Live, the power of real-time analytics is now at the fingertips of every driver. As a Fire Laps member, you can share your real-time telemetry data and live stream with other drivers and fans. While you're on track trying to get your next personal best, your Fire Link is transmitting telemetry samples in real time into the Fire Laps network.

This telemetry live stream is powered by machine learning and gives anyone watching your live stream smooth and accurate position, speed, acceleration, and gap estimates at all times. After each lap, its full telemetry will be available in the Fire Laps analysis interface for anyone you choose to dissect, analyze, and pull actionable insights from. You won't need to worry about manually exporting and uploading your data again! Gone are the days of post-race manual analysis and guesswork – with Fire Laps Live, racing teams and fans have access to instantaneous data and insight streams.

Live stream map
Live stream your entire race with Fire Laps Live! Watch positions and speeds change in real time to see where everybody is at once.
Live G forces
Fire Laps Live will show live G forces for every vehicle on track!

A Social Platform for Collaboration and Competition

But Fire Laps Live is more than just a tool for individual improvement – it's a gateway to a vibrant community of like-minded enthusiasts. Integrated into the existing Fire Laps social platform, Fire Laps Live enables users to connect, collaborate, and compete like never before. Watch and learn from your friend's real-time speeds and accelerations as they fly around the track, or form groups and organize events and engage with fans around the world. Whether you're a seasoned professional, an aspiring amateur, or an captivated fan, Fire Laps Live brings the thrill of motorsports to life in a dynamic way.

Fire Laps Live Event
Configuring Fire Laps Live for your group or event is easy, so you can live stream telemetry from your private event and increase driver and fan engagement!

Embracing the Future of Motorsports

As motorsports continue to evolve in the digital age, Fire Laps remains at the forefront of innovation, driving progress and pushing boundaries with each new technological advancement. With Fire Laps Live, the future of motorsports has never looked brighter. So buckle up and prepare to experience the thrill of real-time analytics like never before – because with Fire Laps Live, the race to greatness has never been more exhilarating.

Ready to transform your track day with Fire Laps Live? Shop Fire Link devices or start your no-commitment free 30-day trial today!