What makes Fire Laps special?

We're glad you asked. Learn how being a part of the Fire Laps community is sure to help you improve your driving!

The Fire Laps philosophy

Fire Laps uses AI to make your motorsports telemetry data accessible, letting you visualize, analyze, and learn from it with ease. We offer advanced analytics, AI-based coaching, a real-time data acquisition system, and a social platform to optimize your driving, learn from others, and enhance your track performance.

Intelligent Lap Coach

Harness AI-based coaching

For Intelligent Lap Coach members, improving your very next session is just a few clicks away. When you upload a session, Fire Laps uses deep learning and other artificial intelligence algorithms to meticulously churn through all of your data looking for key areas of improvement. We'll present you with our findings in the form of easy to understand instructions and recommended drive lines and speeds.

Turning your data into coaching insights has never been so easy!


Easily explore your data

Do you want to understand your data without spending hours trying to learn complex software? Fire Laps breaks down the key parts of your data into what we call "annotations" which overlay on your drive line to describe your laps in more detail.

Curious to see how one lap carried more speed through a turn? Select the Lateral Gs annotation. Want to see at a glance how much speed you carry though each turn? Turn on the Key Speeds annotation. Want to compare the speeds of multiple laps in a graph? Enable the Graph annotation.

With these annotations and so many more, Fire Laps lets you easily understand your data so you can keep fine-tuning your vehicle, learning, and breaking your personal bests!

Fire Laps Live

Stream and analyze Fire Link data

While Fire Laps is compatible with many leading motorsports data acquisition systems, members can also harness the power of their Fire Link device, a Fire Laps headless data acquisition device that live streams telemetry from your vehicle to the cloud! Using a Fire Link as your primary data acquisition system means that you will never need to manually pull data off another device again. Laps will be analyzed as you drive, and for Intelligent Lap Coach members, once your session ends, we'll immediately start crunching the numbers to bring you your customized AI-generated driving recommendations.

Not only does a Fire Link drastically simplify your trackside analysis, but it lets you participate in live streams with your groups or events, or even organize your own!


Bring your own device

Don't want to use a new data acquisition system? Fire Laps has you covered there, too! Unifying the worlds of AiM Sports, APEX Pro, VBOX, and more, Fire Laps provides a unique opportunity for you to compare your data with your friends using different devices! All uploads are processed using our proprietary smoothing and filtering algorithm so the differences between devices and mounting locations are minimized.

Compare your data against any lap in our database regardless of the original device and start learning from a wide pool of drivers and vehicles!

Groups and Events

Connect with your friends

Besides giving you all these great analytics, Fire Laps can be a hub for your friends and fellow drivers to engage in friendly competition and learn from each other! Members can create public or private groups or events, and any Fire Laps user can share sessions to them. This makes it easy to compare your data with your friends. Larger groups can also create and publish leaderboards for their group members!

And don't forget about our referral program, where you can refer a friend to Fire Laps and you'll both be able to get a free month of Fire Laps!

Ready to try Fire Laps for yourself?

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